Model 94667 Has No Sustained Air Pressure

by Richard Clayton

Model 94667 air compressor

Model 94667 air compressor

When using pneumatic tools such as an impact gun or just a simple air nozzle the air pressure runs way down before the compressor turn back on. I believe I have pressure setting. Do you think it could be that need a new regulator. When compressor shuts off both gauges show 120 pounds of pressure. I can't sustain enough air pressure to keep my tools running

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Sep 25, 2014
Not enough air
by: Bill

Hello Richard...

If I'm reading your post correctly, you appear to have two problems.

One is that the air compressor cuts in at a too low air pressure, and the other is that even though your gauges, both tank and regulator, show 120 PSI when the compressor stops, you don't get enough air to the air tool.

If this is correct, then the solution may be...

To number one, if the cut in pressure is lower than it used to be either someone has adjusted that pressure setting on the switch, or possibly the diaphragm is failing and not reacting to the drop in pressure quickly enough. That being the case, unless you're really handy, replace the pressure switch, rather than trying to fix it.

As to the second issue, the tank gauge shows the pressure in the tank, the regulator gauge displays the pressure setting on your regulator. If your air tool works on, say, 60 PSI rather than the 120 PSI you have set the air pressure for, then dial the pressure down on the regulator to that lowest pressure that the tool will operate properly at. You'll save wear and tear on the compressor and save some energy too.

A high demand air tool will use air fast, and the regulator has to react to this demand by opening just as fast. If you find that the air supply in the hose is too low, but the air regulator gauge is showing a high pressure reading (see the gauge page for how they work) then it is possible that the air regulator is failing and not allowing enough air through. Bear in mind that if your air tool uses more air than your compressor can supply, your air supply to the air tool will drop, eventually to zero, if the tool is left running, regardless of the fact that the compressor may be working just fine.


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