model 919.168700 has bad motor?

by Chris
(Chester County Pa.)


I'm working on a model 919.168700 type craftsman air comp.
It's drawing 60 amps for a few seconds till it trips the breaker.
It's my neighbors, and we just happen to both have the exact same compressors, so I was able to take the end cap off mine with the capacitors in it and see if switching the caps would help, it didn't.
The bearings are fine.
I have the pump completely disconnected from the motor, so there is no load.
He keeps it the back of his truck exposed to the weather.
I'm thinking it's the insulation on the windings.
There are 5 wires coming out or the windings, three of them went to the overload switch, I took those off and rang out all the wires, they are all shorted together.
I've tested windings in the past on old motors and it was easy to pair up the wires with the windings they went through, and they would read a measured resistance and nothing to the other wires.

I looked on Parts direct and they don't sell the motor anymore, do you know of another source to buy just a motor?

Thank you for any advice you can offer.

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Aug 16, 2014
by: Doug in

It's not too old, so it's likely a standard frame motor.

Good chance of finding something, probably sans the compressor mount, that you can transfer the mount to.

Search for the motor (Z-D26712) and you should find something close enough.

Good luck.

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