Melben Receiver number 154066 pressure test

by Tom
(Omaha, NE, USA)

Melben Receiver Name Plate

Melben Receiver Name Plate

Melben Receiver Name Plate
Melben Compressor Name Plate

I recently was given a Sears Craftsman air compressor, model number 106.153683, with a Melben Products receiver number 154066. The receiver nameplate data indicates WP 163, Temp 260, SH 0.095, HD 0.094, Div 1, RAD E, 1973. It appears the pump is a Campbell Hausfeld twin cylinder with a pressure rating of 150 psig. The motor is rated at 1.5 HP. I found the pressure switch not functioning allowing the receiver pressure to build to the release setting of the pressure relief valve that is marked at 163 psig. The service and inspection history of the compressor is unknown.

I would like to perform a hydrostatic pressure test of the receiver to determine if it is safe for continued use and whether it is worth a modest investment for a new pressure switch.

Since the receiver was built in 1973, I understand the ASME pressure vessel code Section VIII, Division I, for the period required a 1.5 times the MAWP. Since the MAWP is not marked, I understand the test pressure would be 1.5 x the WP = 245 psig.

Would you have any recommendations or observations to offer?

Thank you.

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Aug 09, 2018
The receiver is toast.
by: Tom

Before I got to hydrostatic testing the receiver, I flipped it on it’s top and noted an area on the bottom that was oily.

On closer inspection and with a water/soap spray, the dark area turned out to be perforation of the shell where oil was leaking out.

That greatly simplified my decision and I decommissioned the compressor sending the tank to recycling.

It must have been right on the hairy edge of rupture especially since the pressure control switch was malfunctioning.

Aug 06, 2018
Melben Receiver pressure test
by: Doug in

Doing it yourself?

Take careful dimensions before and after, make darn sure the water is as air free as you can get it.

It's safe as long as there's no air in the system.

How'd the condensate out of it look?

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