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Mech Power air compressors appear to have been around for 6-8 years now. They appear to have just one model available, a 2 HP x 4 gallon twin tank version.

What I think the story about this brand of air compressors is, some business folks in Cupertino California felt there was a need for another brand of low cost, twin tank, portable air compressors for wholesale to retailers.

They went shopping in China for an air compressor manufacturer that would build their compressor and private label it for them, and there you go, the Mech Power compressors line was born. That’s my thought anyway.

Except that, like I say, I’ve only ever been able to find one model and that is the M90002 and it is, in my opinion, essentially an identical compressor to many other “private brand” compressors with the same configuration.

Mech Power Air Compressors
Mech Power Air Compressors

I cannot find any address for Mech Power in California or anywhere else. I did find a phone number for them off of one of their compressor labels and it is: 888-558-2158. When I called the number to try to get additional information on their compressors for you, the phone went right to a fax, underscoring my thoughts that this isn’t a particularly big company, if they are even still in business.

I cannot find anywhere that you can buy a new Mech Power compressor unless perhaps on an auction site. There are a few used available on auction sites as well. That means that you are pretty much out of luck for getting OEM replacement parts, unless you buy a used Mech Power and use it for spares.

If you have one of these compressors and you purchased it from a retail outlet relatively recently, please let me know using the form, and I’ll post this info on the page for others to see and use.

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