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Mech Power air compressors appear to have been around for 6-8 years now. They appear to have just one model available, a 2 HP x 4 gallon twin tank version.

What I think the story about this brand of air compressors is, some business folks in Cupertino California felt there was a need for another brand of low cost, twin tank, portable air compressors for wholesale to retailers.

They went shopping in China for an air compressor manufacturer that would build their compressor and private label it for them, and there you go, the Mech Power compressors line was born. That’s my thought anyway.

Except that, like I say, I’ve only ever been able to find one model and that is the M90002 and it is, in my opinion, essentially an identical compressor to many other “private brand” compressors with the same configuration.

Mech Power Air Compressors
Mech Power Air Compressors

I cannot find any address for Mech Power in California or anywhere else. I did find a phone number for them off of one of their compressor labels and it is: 888-558-2158. When I called the number to try to get additional information on their compressors for you, the phone went right to a fax, underscoring my thoughts that this isn’t a particularly big company, if they are even still in business.

I cannot find anywhere that you can buy a new Mech Power compressor unless perhaps on an auction site. There are a few used available on auction sites as well. That means that you are pretty much out of luck for getting OEM replacement parts, unless you buy a used Mech Power and use it for spares.

If you have one of these compressors and you purchased it from a retail outlet relatively recently, please let me know using the form, and I’ll post this info on the page for others to see and use.

This page is here for you if you have problems with your Mech Power compressors and need help.

This is the place where you can both ask a question about your Mech Power compressor problem, or, help another by offering an answer to their question. Please read the existing questions and help where you can and post if you have an issue.



Existing Mech Power compressors questions:

Mech Power M90002 pressure switch broke  – Mech Power M90002- my base of pressure switch (cast metal) broke off.

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My air compressor started and then shut off. I checked the oil and it was a tiny bit low so I added some but it won’t start. It’s a Mech twin tank 2 HP. Any ideas?

When you try to start it, what happens? Anything?
How did it shut off? Had it reached cut-off? Was it heavily loaded just before it quit?
Are you sure there’s power at the outlet it’s on?
Some motors have a thermal cut-out. It might be open.

I’m looming for the manual for the mech power 90002 twin tank air compressor

Not exactly that model, but from the pix of it, it’s very close to the attached.
You’re not going to find exact parts, in any case. These are actually pretty generic.

I got a mech Power m90002 I don’t just build up 30 lb of pressure put a new pressure valve and switch on it still won’t build up for 30 lbs I failed around the head I could feel our coming out and the head bolts were loose and I pulled the head thing looked good put it back on tighten the boat tight put some medium loctite on steel and pump up 30 lb of pressure I don’t know what else to do but junk it anybody got any bright ideas I appreciate hearing from you thank you very… Read more »

What happens when it gets to 30psi? does it keep running, or stop?
Meanwhile, see if removing the intake filter makes any difference.
The next thing is to check the check valve at the tank. It should pass air in the direction of the tank, and block air the other way. If it’s stuck open or closed, you can disassemble and potentially fix or replace it.
Good luck.

I bought mine from Advance Auto for $88.on 02/01/2006. I recently cracked the pressure regulator. Found one on Amazon for $5.68 but I couldn’t screw it into place so I got $11.00 of 1/4 pipe thread fittings and rigged it in. Now I need an air filter but I don’t remember what it looked like. All I have is the back with a plastic 1/2 inch male pipe thread Anybody have an idea for a cheap replacement?

search online for “air compressor intake filter”

Yep, did that. Priced from $75 to $3.99 (+1.88 shipping) but I don’t know which one because all I have is a stub from the original. Harbor Freight has a look-alike but the filter is not in the image just like the post by Jerry S. Bishop

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Pete, Google (air compressor intake filter ) or (intake filter for a small compressor), you will find lots. Determine what the thread hole size in your compressor, and acquire almost any brand that fits. They pretty much all work the same way. I just found one for $15 on Amazon, and that’s the one I’d go with I were you. Good luck.

As Bill suggests, pretty much anything with 1/2 inch pipe. I saw at least a couple that specified that, so the worst that could happen is you might need to buy a coupler and a nipple to extend it bit.

Yep. I found that Harbor Freight listed a filter for the look-alike compressor but HF is pretty far away so I ordered one from Amazon for $8.99.
I already had a rig up with a iron pipe street elbow, CPVC elbow and straight pieces and a CPVC to 1/2 NPT adapter. Before where I had the unit, it was against a wall so I had to turn it 180 degrees.
The filter arrived today and is installed and running.
Thanks folks.

Last edited 2 years ago by Pete Cal

Thanks for the update, Pete.

Is the pressure regulator intake 1/4″inch? Forgive my ingorance but is measurement the internal measurement or external measurement? Trying to buy a new regulator online.

Probably. Almost always on smaller liftable machines.
It’s most likely NPT. There’s a chart here:

Pete I found a regulator on Northern that looks like it should fit if it requires a 1/4 pipe thread but not sure. I had one of these compressors sitting around the last 5 years that I had gotten when I bought my gf’s great uncle’s house with all the furnishings (he passed away). I decided to try it today. Fired up fine but tit was leaking bad at the output. I looked like he put no thread tape on. I put it on and the regulator just disintegrated, it wasn’t even tightened down. I’m considering whether it’s worth even… Read more »

If you have air, you can always use a regulator…
But even if this is the only compressor you have, you can get one for like 5 bucks from HFT, maybe double that for Lowe’s or HD.

Trying to find an oil fill cap for my M90002.

I haven’t found anyone that sells this exact compressor but I did find out that this compressor is identical to the one that Harbor Freight sales. I think it is made by the same people just with a different name. They are Central pneumatic 125psi 2HP 4 gallon dual tank. If you look at them side by side there isn’t any difference at all I don’t think.

So you’re saying the Mech Power M90002 is the same as HFTs Central pneumatic 62763 125psi 2HP 4 gallon dual tank.
They are close. But HFT’s has a different pressure switch, and I think the handle is different, too. Too bad they don’t sell parts, last I heard. ?
Thanks, have fun…

Where can I get a mech power 90002 twin tank air compressor air filter?

You needn’t buy an OEM one, even if there was one available. Assuming you are speaking of the intake air filter, essentially get one that fits the port and has the same size, at least, as the old one. This page may help:

SER # 202907-208570

Not likely.
You mean for the regulator, yes?