Measure oil Level VT631402A Husky Compressor?

I have owned this Husky 60 Gallon 7HP compressor since about 2005. The model number is VT631402A etc. There were three compressors that were used and the compressor number for mine printed on the unit, indicates that it takes 12 OZ of oil, per the manual, when shipped empty of oil before a first fill.

There is no sight glass on this vintage for oil level so you have to use the dipstick. I drained it today using the pipe coming out of the side of the crankcase casting. I measured 6oz.removed and I replaced about 6.5OZ and per a fully seated dipstick it indicates it is full.

The pipe on the side probably cannot fully drain the crankcase but 6oz seems like a lot to be remaining. The question is that this dipstick stops short at a first seating contact point that is maybe 1/2-3/4 inch higher then when fully seated which requires a pretty good push to seat it.

I have seen dipsticks that you remove and just dip it in until it hits the seat as a level check and when the oil is full by that measurement method then you would push and fully seat it.

Because I cannot sort out the amount of oil remaining when drained and the manual has no information on how to correctly measures with this dipstick arrangement I was hoping someone had some insight and could help out.

Regards Ed

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Aug 13, 2018
VT631402A oil
by: Doug in

So, as long as it doesn't start burning or pumping oil with the air, you're probably good.

That extra 1/2 ounce got it to the top of the dipstick range, did it?

Aug 13, 2018
Oil Level Follow Up
by: Ed

Oil level was at the bottom of the cross hatch region of the dip stick when fully seated so it was still acceptable. When I drained it and got the 6 oz out I even leaned the compressor a bit in the direction of the drain pipe which makes this puzzling given it would be hard to fathom 6 more oz remained.. The blaster would be worth a try if It was able to fit but the dipstick hole is too small and it is still hard to know what is left behind.

I guess only the factory would know for sure....

Aug 11, 2018
Oil Level VT631402A
by: Doug in

So, Ed, it was just below full (dipstick all the way in) when you started?

If I wanted to be certain, what I'd do is get a turkey baster or similar - and probably some flexible tubing, and use that to get as much as possible, and see how much that is.

Have fun...

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