Meaning of error message cool fault 13894

by charlie
(Port alberni BC Canada)

we have supervisor II and we get an error message cool fault 13894 on a ts32 controller

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Feb 28, 2018
Cool fault
by: Andre

Ensure adequate oil is in sump tank, check fan rotation is correct. Cooler might also need cleaning due to being blocked up.

Check all connecting pipedal for leaks.

Also check the line after the thermal valve which leads into the cooler, it must be hot to ensure that oil is passing through the cooler, if it's not, your thermal valve is stuck and will require replacing.

If it's an electrical cool fault, check the electrical panel to ensure the fans are working on the soft start etc, and also check the fan on the main motor. I

hope this has been some help to you.

Aug 11, 2017
fault 13894
by: Doug in

That's 8 different bits asserted.

I'd expect one or more connectors came loose (or cable cut) somewhere.

Can't get the bit meanings, but hopefully someone else will help with that.

Good luck, and sorry I can't be more help.

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