MASTERCRAFT has no parts available

by Ralph
(Brampton Ont.)

nobody, and I mean nobody, has available new piston rings for the Mastercraft 2 gallon air compressor. Solution? DON'T BUY MASTERCRAFT CRAP, ITS UNREPAIRABLE!!!!!

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Nov 26, 2016
GordN has parts
by: Bill

When you say "somewhere I've put two phone numbers" gosh, for what? Pizza? Real estate? Parts suppliers?

Don't know where you posted those numbers, Gord.

Want to add them again? Post them as a comment here, and please indicate for what the numbers are, OK?

Nov 26, 2016
I got parts
by: GordN

I still have trouble searching this site but somewhere I've put two phone numbers in case you haven't tried them. They were super helpful on my 2 G and I think sent the circuit board free.

Oct 06, 2016
grey upright unit
by: Anonymous

You are right. can't find a parts manual let alone brand.

When they are working they are a handy unit around the house but getting or finding a parts supplier?

Sep 27, 2016
by: Bill

Your unhappy experience is duplicated by many owners of low cost compressors. They are relatively cheap to buy, but have no parts supply chain at all, and are basically intended to be used until they are broken, and then discarded.

Or, spend 5-10 times as much, and get a more industrial air compressor with an established distributor and service network.

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