Manual needed for a Nuair compressor model no 1N00060

by Brian Jenkins

Nuair compressor model no 1N00060 another reference is D3-315-100-CE V230 (NA13100)NT Manufactured 2001 can find a nuair website (italian), but no way of getting in touch with the, I need the maual because on moving from one plae to another the black pipe that goes into the pressure swith has been damaged and i need to know what if any parts in need to put it backin again , and make sure i get the small valve piece in the right way roun !!!its a 100l tank 14cfm 23-vots machine any help appreciated to locate the needed information. Thanks , Brian Jenkins

cant include pictures as it says the are too big, and when i use pic shrink it only wants to send them through my e-amil and dosnt shrink them for your form!!!!!Pcs There as bad as compressors !!!

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