Manual for a Sanborn 64CU-22?

by Alan

This looks like the model number but the tag is damaged so one or two of the characters could be wrong.

The rest of the tag says the motor is 3 hp at 3450 rpm

The pump is a Model 64 serial number 1979.

(That seems like too large a motor for the size of the pump, unless maybe they mean a bogus "peak" ratings.)

In any case, is there a source for a manual for this item?


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Nov 13, 2015
by: Doug in

Is it this?

If not, please post a pic or two of your unit.

Nov 13, 2015
More on this compressor
by: Alan Muller

Since posting this I've figured out that the model number is most likely 64GU-22, meaning it was originally gas powered. And a 3 hp gas engine would be a more reasonable match for the little "64" pump than an electric motor of that size.

I also did some reading on Sanborn's history of exploding tanks in the 70s-80s when this compressor was probably made. Not pretty.....

In any case I found the tank on this compressor to be thin, dented, and patched with epoxy. So this tank is clearly a scrap item.

The pump might be in decent shape.....


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