Makita MAC700 seems to struggle when tank pressure gets to about 50-75 lbs

by Ross Phares
(Boise ID)

I mave a Makita MAC700 and it was new in 2007 but I only use it ocationaly at home, the original oil is still over the red dot in the view window.

For a while, it has been slow to come up to tank or, cut off pressure. As the pressure rises, it sounds like it is struggling and sounds like it has excesive head pressure or?? (It sounds deeper in tone and more rythmical like a straining "wha wha" cycleing about four every second if that makes sense)

Any thoughts or recomendations for trouble shooting?

This lil compressor is not user freiendly as you have to pull the motor to get the shroud off and access anything and you cant leave that off or the fan cooling would be inadiquate.

I wish I kept my large Cambell 5hp floor compressor.
Thanks Ross
Well Ross, the first thing I would do if this was my Makita compressor is change the oil.

That your compressor motor is struggling against the back pressure building in the tank may mean a power supply problem, might be a pressure or intake valve starting to go, might be the motor itself failing or, it might only be the run capacitor that's going.

See how to check the capacitor on this site.


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