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It is my impression that Makita air compressors have a good reputation by the many people that post positively about this brand. It is also my feeling that Makita air compressors exist as an accessory to the Makita broad range of contractor and DIY tools, some of which require compressed air to run.

The feeling may be that it makes sense to sell the power source as well as the tool, a philosophy underscored by their long history in battery powered contractor hand tools.

While not necessarily an afterthought, Makita air compressors are here because they are to supply air to their air tools. Therefore, the range of compressors offered by Makita is small.

All four of the U.S. Makita air compressors, from smallest to largest - the AC310, MAC 700. MAC2400, MAC 5200 - are portable, and meant for use on the job site.

Makita AC310 air compressor

The Makita air compressor model AC310 (shown above) requires additional comment, though. According to Makita, this air compressor delivers 400 PSI air pressure. Since the intended use of this air compressor is to drive Makita nailers, having 400 PSI available to help drive tough nails on the jobsite can only be a boon to the user.

Folks in the U.S. that need some help with their Makita air compressors can contact them here:

Makita U.S.A., Inc.
14930 Northam St.,
La Mirada, CA 90638
T: 714-522-8088

Canadian Makita air compressor users can find information here: Makita compressor users in other parts of the world can get more information here:

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Makita Air Compressor Issues

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My air compressor is running want shUT off.with switch it's not building pressure

MAC700 will not turn on 
my MAC700 is plugged in but will not turn on.

Pressure switch cover MAC 700 
I need a new cover box for the pressure switch on a Makita MAC 700. Do you know where I can buy one?

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My makita mac 5200 air compressor won't do anything, it is plugged in and there is power to the compressor

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Running my Makita MAC700 compressor with a vacuum cleaner on the same circuit. Both compressor and vacuum cleaner stopped. House circuit fuse did not trip. …

Air coming from Makita oil filler cap 
Brand new makita Mac 2400. Filled with oil, ran for recommended 20 minutes with drain valve open. Doesn't produce enough pressure to register on gauge. …

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What is the function of the unloader tube on the mac2400?

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hello, please e-mail me if you know something about this.i do not know how to get back on this sight I found,so please write back. o k here is what …

Makita MAC2400 will not build pressure 
Makita MAC2400 I was given this compressor, friend said the unloader tube and fitting that attaches the tube to the check valve was missing. I ordered …

Makita compressor MAC 700 will not build over 40 PSI 
My makita mac700 wont built pressure over 40 psi. Do not understand why since it is new.

Mac 5200 dead  
My Mac 5200 won't budge: no noises, strain, clicks or vibrations. Just quiet dead. There's power to the pressure switch when I flip the unit on (as measured …

Rusty water in a a new Makita air compressor tank 
When draining a new Makita air compressor (2wks old)I get rusty water. Is this normal? ___________________ Tough call, Paul. It may be new to you, …

Makita MAC700 seems to struggle when tank pressure gets to about 50-75 lbs 
I mave a Makita MAC700 and it was new in 2007 but I only use it ocationaly at home, the original oil is still over the red dot in the view window. …

Makita MAC700/Sunny pressure switch won't turn on 
Short version: The black reset/test button inside the pressure switch stays in the "off" position. Long version: The compressor won't turn on; circuit …

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