Making new valve strips for compressor

I have a C-aire compressor model f25 pump that the valve strips are bad ,I am wonder if the steel from a feeling gauge would work ? since parts are no long made for that pump. The strip are .0017 in thickness 1/2' wide and about 1. 1/2" long



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Feb 29, 2016
Making valves
by: Bill

Since the valve strips you refer to are the low and high pressure valves, I've moved the question to the valve forum.

Can you determine the thickness of the original valve material? Logically, that's the thickness the new valves should be.

Others have commented about using feeler gauge material to make their own compressor valves. Others have used the blade from a basic paint scraper, with the original valve as the template, and the scraper blade clamped to a thing piece of board to help reduce vibration in the cutting.

Yes, I do believe your plan will work. Just need to get material of the same - or really close - thickness.

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