Low air in 8 gallon 1.5HP Husky Air Compressor

by JuoJuo
(Paola, Kansas )

I got this used so I didn't come with a manual and half the stickers on it is worn away. But when I go to use my air chuck on it, the air only lasts maybe 10 seconds, why? Can I some how fix it to where it last longer and if so please tell me sorry I never used one, I know I sound a little stupid but I'm learning so helpful hints would be great. And no criticizing please.

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Apr 30, 2016
No air
by: Buster Norris

Hey JuoJuo, there are no stupid questions, just requests for information that we do not have!! Just knowing very little about the whole setup you have, I assume the compressor starts when you start using air from the tank and the pressure drops. Assuming that, sounds like the tank may be full of water, condensate that forms when the hot air from the compressor cools in the tank and condenses to water, and over time will fill the tank with water and displace the volume that is available to hold the compressed air, so it loses pressure rapidly, and will recover faster because of the lesser volume to fill. The tank should be drained at a regular interval, every time you use it, to prevent the condensate from building up.
Hope this makes sense!!
Have a great day!!

Apr 28, 2016
Low air in Husky compressor
by: Bill

No criticism, JuoJuo. I get asked this question a lot, which is why, in the troubleshooting section, you'll find it addressed on a number of pages.

Have a read of the pages and do the checks, and if you still have a compressor problem, by all means, add a comment here.

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