Looking for repair parts for model TC-06

by Robin

Hi, I have a master brand model TC-06 1/4 hp diaphragm air brush air compressor.

The warranty has ran out. Motor has always chugged a bit but would start if I turned it off and back on again. Now motor starts but doesn't push air.

I checked the diaphragm and it seems fine. However under the lid where there are several small holes about a nickel size area on the under side of lid/part with handle. is what my neighbor called a check valve.. there was a small tab broken off this small white round rubber disk. He attempted to repair it with a small amount of two part epoxy. After several hours I attempted to use it. And it worked fine for maybe 10 min.
Now it is back to the same thing before the repair.
I'm not even sure if the part is really called a check valve. But cant find one online anywhere. This air brush has only been used maybe one hour a month for two years.
I hate to have to buy a new one. Can you help me with information on finding repair parts.
I would sure appreciate the help.

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Jan 07, 2017
repair parts
by: robin

I agree, Have attempted to repair it again. Cant see buying a new one when it has hardly ever been used.
But if I do have to it wont be the same one thats for sure. Thanks

Jan 07, 2017
model TC-06
by: Bill

This product is imported and sold by TCP Global, 6695 Rasha St, San Diego, CA 92121.

Visit their site for contact info, http://www.tcpglobal.com .

I suspect you'll be out of luck trying to buy parts for these $89 compressors. It were me, I'd buy a new one, and use the old one for parts for when the new one fails, as it surely will one day.

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