Looking for piston rings - pump repair kit

I just got a old compressor from a friend, its a 11 or 13 gal horizontal tank, sanborn made, must be 20+ years old.

Its got a model 44 single stage pump on it ran by a 3/4 HP GE motor, with a fancy dial-o-matic regulator on the front.

Its a little slow to pump up to its mere 100 psi cut off, and when I pull the dipstick, quite a fair amount of wind blows outta the crankcase. (About as much as them cheap foam water misting fans with fresh batteries) however, I put my palm on the inlet and it sucks like a hoover. is that normal?

If not, is there serviceable piston rings on it? Or a place that sells parts for em?

If none of the above are options, is there a pump head u'd recommend to replace the unit?

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