Looking for Information About this Air Compressor

by David




I inherited this compressor. It belonged to my wife's grandfather. He repaired firearms and I believe he used it to run a lathe and an old dentist's drill.

The electric motor is made by Wagner Electric 1/3 HP and it has a square D 9013 series pressure switch. However, I cannot find a date on anything, nor can I find a name on the compressor or tank. The only markings on the compressor are what looks like a serial number. SB-49358 .

All components are mounted on a steel plate which sits on top of rubber bushings between the steel plate and a wooded pallet.

It runs and is surprisingly quiet. However, I am sure it needs some maintenance, since it has idle in a basement for about 30 years.

I see what looks like an oil fill plug on the side of the compressor crankcase, but I don't see anything the looks like a drain plug sight glass.

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Jan 15, 2019
Have you found any info?
by: Cody in DTX

I inherited the same compressor from my grandfather and have been stumped for years. It's in desperate need of tlc and I've wanted to restore it but never could figure out who made it or even a model number. Any luck with you?

Jul 13, 2018
Air compressor oil level
by: Doug in s.d.ca


If close inspection doesn't reveal a drain, then probably the fill is also the drain. Usually the oil should come to the bottom of the threads.

The oil level now is probably close to where it should be, unless there's a lot of blow-by.

That's all I got. Sorry.

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