Looking for Champion Air Compressor Decals

by EJ
(Keizer OR)

Champion Air Compressor Decal

Champion Air Compressor Decal

I am trying to locate images of the varied Champion Pneumatic Machinery Company decals produced over the years the Company has been in business.

I am referring to actual CPMC brand decals, not the text "user warning" decals.

I have been all over the Internet but the only piece of vintage decal artwork I could locate was in the U.S. Trademark Registry (a black and white image circa 1926).

Does anyone know if there are Internet sources that might have illustrations of varied Champion Decals, or perhaps have images they could post here?

I appreciate any assistance you may be able to provide,


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Apr 03, 2018
Link for Decals
by: RayoVac


That one should work.

Mar 12, 2018
Decal update
by: Gregg


I've contacted previous employers and other printers and hope to have some answers in the way of costs for decals sometime next week at the latest.


Mar 09, 2018
I have seen the art for Champion Air Compressor Decals!
by: RayoVac

I am the friend of Gregg's that works on a lot of Champion compressors. I had art from a 1965 tank that I thankfully took a very good picture of. It was in pretty bad shape, but Gregg took it and made something amazing out of it.

Trust me when I tell you, will want some!! We are just trying to figure out now the best route to go in printing/production. I have 4 compressors right now that are in bad need of a fancy new decal. :)

We will keep you updated.


Feb 28, 2018
Thank you.
by: Anonymous


I appreciate the effort you have invested in researching this topic and look forward to seeing your artwork. The comment stating your "intent to have them available by April 2018" sounds very much like what I tell myself when starting a hobby-based project- and then life gets in the way and I finish the job in May. Or July.

I have three Champion compressors waiting for a rebuild (and two Kellogg-American, a Harbor Freight*, and another Challenge Air) so I have lots of time to wait.

Thank you again,


* Because it was free, that's why.

Feb 27, 2018
Champion Air Compressor decals
by: Gregg

I have scoured the internet, visited Champion, Gardner Denver, Library of Congress, you name it - it doesn't exist. If it does, nobody has linked to it.

I have started from a photo taken by my friend who rebuilds them and will be re-creating the logo to match as best I can maintaining the design integrity and colors of the original. When complete, I will have them digitally printed and list them for sale on ebay. Price will be determined by my time and outsource costs.

It is my intent to have them available by April 2018. At that time, search ebay for Vintage Champion Compressor Decal. Seller name is greggs92rt.

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