Location of dessicant dryer

I have a system that already has a refrigerant dryer (expected output 39 deg F Dewpoint Temp).

There is a new piece of equipment that requires super dry air and I am considering installing a desiccant dryer for point of use only.

The point of use will require approx 120' of distribution from compressor. The other equipment on the compressed system does not require bone dry air. Is there concerns with installing the desiccant dryer at point of use vs. at the compressor?

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Jan 19, 2008
Point of use Desiccant Dryer
by: JimG

A check valve to hold back any desiccant for the what if's at the 120' level.

Consider a small air tank and check valve at the point of use to remove pressure drops in the line if your equipment is sensitive to that.

Also, a ball valve to turn off area for service work might be useful.

Dec 13, 2007
Point of use Desiccant Dryer
by: Bill - Publisher

Howdy, and thanks for the question.

The dryer the compressed air, the more it costs to get it that way.

Simply put, if an application doesn't require bone dry air, why supply it compressed air of that quality?

By putting the desiccant dryer upstream from the two applications, one requiring dryer air than the other, your desiccant dryer will have to be sized to provide the total volume of dry air for the two applications, even though one doesn't need it.

By placing the desiccant dryer as close as possible to the only application that needs it, you'll likely be able to use a smaller unit, and, in the event there's any condensation upstream from the desiccant dryer, that unit will remove that too.

You can put the desiccant dryer anywhere you wish, just make sure that it has the capacity for the flow expected to pass through it on it's way to the application(s).



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