Lefoo LF10-4H pressure switch unloader

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Unloader valve setting on lefoo lf10-4h pressure switch

by Kent
(Iowa) Lefoo lf10-4h pressure switch. I know you said why would anybody want to set their unloader valve. Well I need to mine because I turned the screw thinking I had the right adjustment well I did not. Now as compressor builds pressure motor strains then pops circuit. Cut in I believe is 85 cut out like 115 but so many screws have been turned I do not know anymore left from right up from down. Thanks KJR

Lefoo LF10-4H pressure switch
Lefoo LF10-4H pressure switch

Hello Kent… well, I have to admit, I’m a bit puzzled by your question/comment.

I read that you’ve been adjusting the cut in and cut out of your pressure switch settings by turning screws in the pressure switch… OK, I get that.

I’m not quite sure how “why would anybody want to set their unloader valve.” fits with your pressure switch issue?

And, I’m wondering what makes you think that it’s the cut in and cut out that’s making your compressor motor strain and pop breakers.

Perhaps you would comment here with some specifics?

For instance, what is the pressure on the tank gauge when your compressor motor starts to strain? Empty the tank, close the tank drain, start the compressor, and note this pressure please.

What is the make and model of your air compressor?

How is it being powered? By that, I mean, do you plug it into a wall socket, or are you using a power bar or extension cord?

Lets start with these.

Please add your comment here along with photos to help others help you with your compressor and equipment problem!

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