Leaking oil and rooms are turning yellow

Our air compressor at work ( dental office ) leaks oil regularly...

We have been finding the walls in the nearby rooms are turning yellow..

could this be because of the oil becoming airborne???

Looks like yellow tears in some places running down the wall but wipes off with paper towel the towel is totally yellow/orange color ??

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Aug 13, 2014
Compressor oiling the walls
by: Bill

It's a bit difficult to be specific in answering as I have no idea what air compressor you are using.

I am going to assume, based on your question, that the compressor is oil lubricated?

All oil lubricated air compressors add oil to the air stream, as the oil is lubricating the piston, and some oil remains on the wall of the piston to be driven into the air stream being compressed into the tank.

As the piston seals wear, more and more oil will get by them into the air stream.

Given that yours is a dental office, I sure hope that you have coalescent filter equipment in the air line to your patient's treatment area, to remove air borne oil from the air that enters the patient's mouth when the dentist is working.

OK... now, how is the oil-laden air getting out of the compressor into the compressor room.

If you have no outlet there, then I would suspect that you've got an intake valve failing, and compressed air and oil is blowing back out the intake valve into the air of the room. This isn't good.

What procedure do you have in place in your office to ensure that the air tank on the compressor is drained daily? This will help reduce the amount of oily water getting into your air lines.

Add any more info you would like as a comment here.



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