Leaking Air

by Peggy

Jun Air 6-25 air compressor

Jun Air 6-25 air compressor

I have a Jun Air compressor 6-25. It has worked great up to now.

It is hooked to a v-nailer and an air hose. Last night I noticed it was no longer holding air and the top was very hot. It was no longer running but it had been.

I turned it back on today (after letting it cool all night) and it came right on but I noticed it is leaking air from the area underneath the on off button where there are two different flexible air lines running to two different mechanisms (for lack of a better description).

I am fairly mechanically inclined but the manual that I have shows no diagram of this area of the machine and I can't find any instructions in the text of the manual that refer to this area. Can you please assist me with this?

Thank you,
According to Jun-Air`s own site, the non-return valve (check valve) should be replaced at 2,000 hours as part of the preventive maintenance.

Double check with them to be sure, but I believe you need to obtain a kit 4900001 details of which are shown below:

Service Kit 4900001
Works With: Quiet Air #1113100

Replacing key componenents is critical to the performance of the compressor.
Kit Contents
Kit #

5820001 Spring
6242500 O-ring
6243000 O-ring

Jun Air is the source for the parts you need.


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