Largest compatible sandblaster

by Derek
(Great Bend, Ks. United States)

What is the largest sandblaster I can use with a 24 cfm @ 175PSI compressor?

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Jun 20, 2018
Largest compatible sandblaster
by: Bill

If the compressor is rated at 100% duty cycle, in that it's an industrial compressor designed and built to run non stop, and your sandblaster runs at 175 PSI and needs 24 CFM air flow, then that's how big a sandblaster in terms of air requirements.

Compressor output ratings are much like those of the truck mileage estimates however, and are based on ideal conditions rarely seen in the real world.

So, your compressor likely won't deliver that 24 CFM at 175 PSI, and likely is not rated for 100% non-stop use.

What's the CFM requirement of your sandblaster in PSI and CFM?

What is the duty cycle of your air compressor?

See this page too:

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