LA1683066 leaking oil out of the compressor heads

by Kyle Dippel
(So. St.Paul MN USA)

I purchased a LA1683066 30 gal. quiet running Sanborn air compressor from Menards.

I did the brake in period outside and then brought it in and hooked up the air hose and power.

After running it for a few hours the belt came off .

It looked like the motor pulley was out of line with the compressor pulley so I adjusted the motor pulley to be in line with the compressor pulley.

After about 10 hours the compressor pulley came off. I put it back on and tightened it down.

It's been running good but it is starting to leak oil out of the heads of the compressor.

I would like to tighten the head bolts down.What would be the ft. lbs. to tighten them down be ?

Thanks, Kyle

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Jan 12, 2016
by: Doug in

I can't find a spec, but I did discover there are three different manufacturers of the pump, so you probably need to figure out which you have, then maybe Sanborn can give you torque spec.

But then, if you can, take it back.

Jan 11, 2016
LA1683066 leaking oil
by: Bill

First off, if this compressor is under warranty still, take it back for a new one. It sure sounds like you got a lemon.

There is a chart for head bolt torquing found linked from the sitemap page.

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