Kobalt wont start - diagnosis cannot find fault

by Ross
(Hudson Ohio)


I have a Kobalt 60 gal 240 volt compressor. It is about one year old and worked great last time I used it. I say last time I used it because I moved last July and of course moved my shop and equipment too.

So I finally got around to reconnecting it and found that it would not start. I went through about every step I could think of without success.

I first checked my power coming in. I have a 15 amp double breaker with 120 volts at each connection to the pressure switch. When I close the switch (turn it on) I have 120 volts to each wire side going to the compressor motor. That said, I don't hear even a hum from the motor. I opened the capacitor covers (2) and checked the connections which appeared fine. The capacitors and covers are clean like new. I did not test the capacitors because like I said it worked fine when I unhooked and I gently handled it during the move including dry storage.

As a last check I connected the wires from the circuit breaker directly to the motor wires and turned on the breakers. Nothing.

I also removed the drive belt shroud and turned the motor a couple of turns to see it it was jammed. Spun fine.

Any thoughts?

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Apr 23, 2017
Kobalt wont start
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

I know this is not likely - but verify that you have 220 *across* the hot wires. It could be 0 measured that way.

If you have that, then it's time to check the motor - there's a section here on doing that.

Let us know what you find, please

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