Kobalt Warranty purchase worthwhile?

by Mario
(Phelan, Ca, San Bernardino)

Is it worth buying an extended warranty for a kobalt 8 gal air compressor???

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Jun 21, 2016
by: Doug in s.d.ca

What Bill said, and I'd ask also, have you checked out parts availability? If they are not available, then either steer away from this one, or get the warranty.

Check out the "selecting your air compressor" section for more things to consider.

Jun 20, 2016
Kobalt Warranty purchase
by: Bill

How long is a piece of string??? :-)

By that I mean it's impossible for me to answer this as I have no idea what you need the Kobalt compressor for, no idea if you plan on using it for 8 hours a day, or one hour per year?

Compare the cost of the warranty to the cost of the compressor.

If you are not abusing the compressor, and follow the simple maintenance guidelines, expect the compressor to last a number of years.

Abuse it and it may not last months.

No way I can decide for you what to do here Mario, sorry.

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