Kobalt or another continuous duty to aerate pond

by M. Sprey
(Frederick, Md )

Hi, I need a compressor for a farm 1/3 acre farm pond to aerate. It would need to run continuously during the summer. Can the Kobalt 1/2 hp model do this. If not can you suggest a place I can find an affordable ( under 140. ) quickly?

As with sizing any air compressor, you first need to find out what flow and pressure is required for the application.

In your case, aerating your 1/3 acre pond, you would need to talk to folks that are in that business.

If you are trying to raise fish, for example, the biological load will come into play, and that will affect the amount of air needed to properly aerate the water for fish.

I would surmise that 1/3 acre pond with nothing in it but natural growth might adequately aerate itself, but really, you need to talk to pond people about that.

Once you find out how much air you need for the correct aeration, you can guestimate the compressor size from that by using the "about 4 CFM of air production at 90 PSI for each HP of compressor motor" formula.

Good luck.


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