Kobalt making loud "air horn" like noise

by Derek

I recently purchased the 60 gallon Kobalt compressor from Lowes.

Everything seems to be working fine on the compressor except while running a die grinder or cut off tool for a period of time, something is causing the compressor to make a loud "air horn" like noise.

What is causing this? If I let it sit for a small amount of time, the horn noise is gone. The compressor is used mostly for tools and plumbed with about 30 foot of hose, regulator, and an in line filter.

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Dec 11, 2016
air horn
by: Doug in s.d.ca

You mean like a truck horn, or more like a hand-held air can noise maker?

This the Model # VT6362?

Does it happen when it tries to restart, or is it already running (motor and compressor turning)?

Have you checked the belt tension?

Did you hook up your hose directly to the outlet, and then to the F/R, or F/R then hose, or a bit of both?

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