Kobalt maintenance concerns...

by Scott
(Oak Hill, OH. 45656)

I'm having quite the opposite of an issue but a concern nonetheless. I recently purchased a USED 20ga Kobalt compressor; upright, 1.8hp, 150max psi w/ 4cfm at 90psi.

Real nice set up and was used as air for a smaller commercial painting outfit. She's almost 2yrs old an works so well that I have so many friends asking to borrow it for this or that reason; but ultimately bc they are too frugal to break into moldy money to get their own lol.

Anyway I don't want my kind heart to run me into maintenance issues down the road from 'rental car' type abuse.

What could be some common problems with these that may want a person to shy away from borrowing it?

I actually get less time with it than when I was borrowing from a friend myself.

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Nov 16, 2016
Kobalt maintenance
by: Bill

Things to do about compressor maintenance is here: https://www.about-air-compressors.com/basic-compressor-maintenance-guide.html

The other issue is if your borrowers use the compressor for longer than it's duty cycle.

See the Duty Cycle page on this site for more info if you aren't sure what that is.

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