Model # 215914 will not start

by Tom

Air compressor display works but will do nothing.

Hi Tom... listen, pop over to the troubleshooting section on this site and see the info page about why air compressors don't start.

There are some things you can check noted there, and, when you've done them, please add a comment here to tell us what you've done and seen as a result, and we'll press on with helping you figure out why your Kobalt 215914 won't start.



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Oct 21, 2017
Kobalt restart
by: Mike P

When we first plug in the kolbalt model 0300841 air compressor it pumps up to set pressure and stops.
( Mike, thanks for your comment, though it seems to be about a different compressor or problem than the original post. Please start a new post in this forum and we will try to get you some answers about fixing your specific compressor problem. Thanks. - Moderator )

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Kobalt 60G A/C hums and wont start

by Jason B.

I have a Kobalt 60G upright a/c, I was using it one day recently and while it was running, building pressure, the motor stopped and started to hum. Before I got to it to shut it off it blew the breaker. I changed the breaker and tried to start it, but when I turned the switch on, it turned about 1 revolution and then started to hum and then flipped the breaker. It has done this once before, but back then it wouldnt even turn. Turned out to be the capacitor(s). Is this the problem? Since it tries to start, could it be that only one capacitor is bad?

Bill says...

Hello Jason. If the motor was running and the air pressure did not reach cut out pressure, and the motor suddenly stopped and would not re-start, my bet is that your motor is at fault, not the capacitor.

My thought is that if the capacitor had failed, your motor wouldn't have enough ooomph to even start turning, and after the built in delay in your circuit, the breaker would pop.

Your motor may need a rebuild.

The only other thing I would do before I took the motor and capacitor in for testing, and only if I was comfortable doing so, is to bypass the pressure switch, flip the breaker on, and see what happens. There may be an outside chance that your problem is caused by a faulty pressure switch.

Cheers and good luck. Maybe let us know how it works out?


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Jan 03, 2011
Fixed it
by: Jason B.

Hey yall, I wrote that last post wrong. My friend said it was the start cap that was bad, so I bought a "PTMJ161 161-193 uf mfd 220-250 Volts Start Capacitor" on Ebay for like $12. Wired it up and it works like brand new. Always cheaper to do it yourself.

Dec 26, 2010
by: Jason B.

Ok, thanks.
I forgot to mention that the compressor will turn very easily by hand, so I feel that its definitely electrical. I was told by a friend that the motor has two capacitors, a start cap. and a run cap. He said that since the motor tries to start, the run cap. is probably bad. I ordered one and should receive it soon, so I'll let you know what happens when I change it.
Thanks again.


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Brand new Kobalt 80 gal with voltage, and nothing - won't start

by DGS Pro
(California Sierra's)

Installed new Kobalt 80 gal unit with a 10AWG 3 wire service connected direct to a new 30 amp breaker. I have voltage at the motor but nothing happens....
If power is getting to the motor, but nothing is happening at all, the first thing I would consider is the motor starter (start capacitor). If that's pooched, then your motor won't even try to start.

There's a page on this site about how to check your start and run caps.

If the cap is OK, then it's the motor that would be suspect.

An 80 gallon tank is a big one. If this were my compressor, and I had the right power getting to the pressure switch and the motor circuit and the darn thing wouldn't start, I'd be asking for a new one.


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Kobalt 20 gallon 1.5 hp Air compressor only fan comes on

by Norm
(Navarre,FL USA)

What I found was the belt that goes from the motor to the pump was shredded. Here was how I found it when I turned it on the compressor sounded more like a vacuum cleaner than a compressor I removed top found shredded drive belt. Any tips on how to replace this? Do you have to disconnect connecting Rod to change this belt?

Bill says...

Norm, if you tried to include a photo with this post, it did not arrive.

In order for the belt to shred, the electric motor and belt sheave would have been turning, and likely the pump sheave had stopped or slowed.

Therefore, I wonder if you may have a pump problem to contend with, not just a shredded drive belt?

I have not used nor maintained this type of air compressor. Any Kobalt owner out there provide any help for Norm?



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Mar 30, 2011
Link to kobalt compressor repair
by: Anonymous

If you type this in the URL you should come to the exact article I found.
hope the link works


Mar 24, 2011
Kobalt oilless compressor
by: Anonymous

Yes if you want to replace the belt you can remove the star bolt that holds the rod. You may have to remove the regulator to have room for a socket and ratchet. Then check to see if anything is broken or froze up to make the belt shred. I have never seen anyone that had any lucky luck with these types of oiless air compressors, they either throw the rod or something else flies apart.

Feb 16, 2011
Link for kobalt compressor belt repl tips
by: Anonymous

Bill Here is the link to the site I told you about where I found someone who replaced belt on a Kobalt compressor. I changed mine with little problem the only point I would add is it is a bitch to get the belt forced over the pulley. Recommend whoever attempts this be prepared for a some sore fingers after lol. Here is the link :

After I changed the belt the compressor worked fine.

Dec 30, 2010
Kobalt belt problem
by: Norm

Thanks for your reply Bill

I ordered a belt the pump turns fine I'm hoping the belt was just a cheaply made one after I get it changed I will be sure to post what the results were.

I found a article by someone else that had the same problem and all he had to do was change the belt on his site about car washers he detailed with photos how to change the belt you remove the four head bolts and put the belt on by putting over the piston connecting rod assy and around motor pulley and then reassemble.

Hopefully this will help others that run into this problem.

Glad to be of what little help I was. If you have a moment, maybe you can post to this thread the location of the article on changing the belt?


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