Kobalt model no. 103798 - won't start when press ON button

by Kevin
(Enid, OK USA)

I have a digitech compressor that is about 6 to 7 years old now. It was working well until recently when it won't start when press ON button.

It chatters and I can see that there is some pressure in the tank, not max. I bled pressure off to make sure. It chattered at the end of a fill but would always start up when pressure dropped. The digital display doesn't work correctly.

Can I do away with this, and put on a manual pressure gauge and a switch for off and on? I would also consider replacement parts for it if not to costly.

Thanks, Kevin

Kevin, I believe the digital part of your air compressor is a pressure display and an electronic method of adjusting the pressure set point, but since I don't have one in front of me, I can't be sure.

Remove the shroud, with tank empty and power off, and see where the compressed air exits the tank to the "control manifold" for want of a better term.

In that manifold there should be a miniature general purpose air regulator, and it's this regulator that is displaying the pressure readout. You can use a manual regulator here, with a gauge, that displays the downstream air setting.

Your compressor has to have a pressure switch, and that pressure switch turns the compressor on and off at the cut in and cut out settings. It may also interface with an unloader valve, and you have to make sure that any pressure switch you add instead will also work the unloader when the compressor reaches cut out.

This does not address your troubleshooting problem but it does address the pressure display part of it. Get that squared away, and then we'll tackle the chattering...?


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kobalt - won't start at all

by Nick

My compressor stopped at 65 psi, motor got warm , I shut it off, and released the air , waited 15min plugged back in and now won't start at all ?? No humming noise , nothing . Is the motor shot ???
I think I asked earlier of power was getting to the motor circuit through the pressure switch. Is it?

It is possible the motor has overheated to point of failure, but unless it got really hot, that isn't too likely.

Are you plugging it right into a receptacle, or are you using an extension cord? If the latter, don't use the cord and see if that makes a difference.


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Apr 02, 2012
kobalt 30 gal - hums like it wants to run
by: Nick

Yea bill the power cord goes right to the switch, and I plug it right to the wall . Even if I let it sit for a day it won't run , it will only work if I drain all air out ... But still stops at 70 psi ??but it hums like it wants to run and turns lil bit then stops

Sounds like an electrical supply issue, all other mechanical components being sound. Might be the run capacitor pooping out, could be the motor itself is failing. See the site map under electrical for a page about how to check caps.

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