Kobalt 37296
       Casting Fracture

This issue of the Kobalt compressor 37296 casting fracture seems to have struck a chord with compressor owners. Here are some of their comments. And, if you have a comment to make on this issue, or any others to do with Kobalt compressors, please post it on this page.

On Jul 19, 2012 Ray from Memphis wrote "Add me to the list of compressor casting fractured on Kobalt 37296

My compressor 3 yrs. old, airing tires etc. Very little use. During recent use as air tool wrench I heard a clanking and looked around to see whole top of compressor bouncing. Shut it down and realized cheap aluminum casting had failed. Does Kobalt care ?? This is obviously a factory defect that knows when your warranty expires. Will I have to buy whole motor assmbly? If Kobalt was gonna do the "right" thing, they would correct everyone`s claim to inferior materials and workmanship!!"

On Jul 15, 2012 Donnie Wilson writes "Same thing here too!! My Kolbalt 26 gal. air compressor the cheap cast aluminum housing that the piston sits inside of that is attached directly to the electric motor broke completely in half.

After taking off the plastic cover that surronds the electric motor/piston assembly I realized that the previous owner had had the same thing happen to him and apparantly he was able to weld it back together....Im not sure how long he owned it before it broke , but I used it on a daily basis remodeling my house. So it was used on a constant basis for about 6 months putting on baseboard, door and window trim etc... Then on an occasional use for about another year before it finally broke again....

So you might be able to weld it back together depending on how and where it actually broke. And if have the ability to weld it back together yourself...not sure how much it would cost to take it to a fab shop and pay someone to weld it .....hope this helps."

On May 14, 2012 Ryan wrote "P.O.S. Same thing just happen to my Kobalt. Can't buy parts they are obsolete.

On Apr 18, 2012 Runt writes "Kobalt by China!!!!!!!!!! I have had compressor for two years, used ocassionaly to air tires and blow off parts. Super JUNK casting let the compressor seperate from the motor! Oh yeah, they wont sell just the compressor assembly, naturally have to buy the motor too as an assy. Now we know why johnson doesn't show compressors in his commercials!!!!!!!!!!! I've learned my lesson!!!!!!!!!!

And on Feb 03, 2012 Anonymous posted "Cylinder head bracket fracture- Same exact issue with my compressor. Only used it for airing tires and then tried using impact wrench and the whole bracket that holds the cylinder head fractured completely. Now the piston is stuck in cylinder and moves up and down with the broken part of the bracket.

Another comment from the originator of this issue on this site " Complaint!!!! Compressor Casting Fractured on Kolbalt 37296. Had this unit for two years with almost no use. Inflated tires etc. Only recently started to use it with nail guns to build a wall in my shop.

This morning I heard the unit running. When I checked the unit was running and the piston was moving the compresser head up and down. The body of the compressor is an aluminum casting and it had fractured at the thinest poin on each side. May be due to a frozen piston/cylinder but should not have ocurred. The safety circuit breaker should have kicked out. Unit is out of warranty and I am out of luck. Needless to say Lowes just moved lower on my list of places to shop. If anyone else has had this happen feel free to contact me

Bob at Email hall0523 at att.net