Kobalt Air Compressor Stalls at 20 Psi

Hello. I have had a Kobalt 2 hp 30 gallon air compressor for only a few months now and and I think the motor might be broken.

When I turn it on it the lights dim and it hums.

It gets to about 20 psi where it stalls for a few seconds until the circuit breaker trips.

I can turn the belt manually and cycle the piston pretty easily.

The unloader valve seems to be working fine and it releases pressure when I turn the compressor off. If anyone has any advice or has had the same problem, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Here is a link to the compressor model. I should note that it has a slightly different handle, but I'm pretty sure everything else is the same.

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Jan 10, 2015
Compressor Stalls at 20 Psi
by: Bill

If you are using an extension cord, remove it, and plug the compressor directly into an outlet. See if this solves the problem.

Is the breaker / fuse for the outlet at least 15 amps? If not, plug the compressor into a 15 amp supplied outlet and see if this resolves the issue.

If neither of these work, you will now need to check the start / run capacitors next. See how to do that on the page on this site.


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