Kobalt Air Compressor Regulator Leak Down

by Doug
(East TN)

With the compressor full at 150 PSI, and the tool regulator is set to anything below 150 PSI, there is blow by.

Example: My Kobalt 90degree Air Grinder uses 90 PSI. With the regulator on the compressor set to 90 PSI, I get a continuous leak down of pressure from the main tank until the compressor's pressure switch kicks off and the compressor turns back on. This equates to a loop of non-stop compressor operation, even when there isn't a hose hooked to it.

If the compressor is left off, the tank's pressure will leak down to whatever pressure the tool regulator is set for. 90psi, 45psi, 120psi have all been tested with the same results.

I am used to a tool regulator controlling the pressure to the tool and not bleeding the tank down to said pressure.

Did I get a dud compressor or is this how Kobalt A/C's work?


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Sep 13, 2014
by: Doug

She is less than 30 days old so, yeah she is going back.


Sep 12, 2014
lower pressure
by: Doug in s.d.ca

What Bill said.

If it's new, take it back.

If older, check for backward installation.

If not backward
(you might want to try it the other way just to be sure it's not marked wrong),
then get a new regulator. You can get cheapies as low as 5 bucks; you may want to spend more for a better one. The difference is how fast it tracks a drop in pressure, to maintain the set pressure.

Good luck.

Sep 12, 2014
by: Bill

From the symptoms you describe, I would surmise that your air regulator is installed with the flow going the wrong way.

General purpose regulators are relieving, meaning that if the downstream pressure is higher than the setting on the regulator, the downstream pressure will vent to atmosphere through the regulator until the downstream pressure matches the regulator set point.

That your tank drains down to that point suggests that the regulator is backwards.


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