Kobalt 5.5 gal compressor will run to pressure once and fails to restart

by James

I've had this unit for a few years and use it mostly to keep all of my tires filled (bikes, cars, trucks, work carts, etc.

Recently it started going through this failure cycle. Starts normal and I set the pressure to around 100psi. It gets up to pressure and auto shuts off. I use the air to fill the tires but once the tank pressure drops below the set pressure the motor turns on but does this short stutter.

It goes on and off for about 4 or 5 cycles while not adding air to the tank.

It then shuts completely off. It won't reset and I've got through the manuals 10 minute reset procedure with no improvement. The only thing that works, is to unplug it, drain all the air out of it, as if I'm putting it in winter storage.

Then after about a day off, it will turn on get to pressure and do the whole thing again.

I took the cover off to see if there was some obvious problem but nothing caught my eye.

I recently cleaned the air filter screen and I always store it per the Kobalt instructions.

I haven't seen anyone else list these particular symptoms.

I took it by the Lowe's here but they don't service their systems (just sell them) and they didn't have a shop that they recommend.

I haven't found any shops in the area that do small motor work so I'm at the end of my options.

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Sep 10, 2015
Kobalt compressor won't restart
by: Bill

Good point.

Though, it's possible the motor is overheating as it's trying to start, and cannot, against the load.

I still say make sure the unloader valve is working and the power supply is clean.

Sep 10, 2015
Had the same problem start and will not start again
by: Anonymous

My air compressor also has this problem, remove the cover and I let in run. When it shut down the cooling fan also shut off. I notice before this start to happen and small burning smell. With the cover off I notice the cause of the burning smell was the electric motor generated smoke has soon has in shut off. I suspect a thermal sensor is keeping the unit from restarting. Bad news I believe the sensor is part of the motor. Let the unit unplug and off for a few hours and it start to work again. I presently looking for a way to install a 2nd fan (120 volt ac fan) that run as long has the unit is plug in to try to keep the motor cooled, or find a new motor that does not cost about the same as a new compressor. 9/10/2015

Aug 20, 2015
Kobalt 5.5 gal compressor will run to pressure once
by: Bill

This page will help, particularly the part about unloader valves, I would think.


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