Kellogg American Compressors

Kellogg American compressors have been manufactured and sold for decades. Some years ago Kellogg American was acquired by Compair air compressors.

Compair owns Kellogg, and Compair themselves are now owned by Gardner Denver. If you have a Kellogg American air compressor question or problem then, it may be worthwhile to check with Compair (see their page on this site) for information, as well as using the forum below.

Kellogg American air compressor
Older Kellogg American A320A compressor

As a mainstay of the garage industry, and other industrial uses, the Kellogg American compressor is still in use. With information being difficult to find, users still have questions about troubleshooting and maintaining these venerable compressors.

Below the form are the Kellog American compressor questions along with some responses from other users and contributors.

You can certainly use the form to add a question of your own, and please, if you have information about Kellogg American compressors add a comment to any of the posts below? It would certainly be appreciated.



Kellogg American Compressors

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Info on 1954 Kellogg American  
I have a 1954 kellog American, looking for rebuild kit for twin V pump, 4 pistons single stage

Kellogg Model EM1222 
Can't find any info for parts. Anyone seen one of these? Any info appreciated.

a320a kellog compressor 
can anyone tell me what is the rotation clockwise or counter when installing a new motor?

Orphan Kellogg pump EM72-B - pair it up with? 
I have this orphan Kellogg pump EM72-B and don't what to pair it up with... I got this from my dad who doesn't remember where he obtained it. It was …

Kellog 320 TV rpm etc. setup issue 
I have an air compressor head that i wish to set up for home shop use it is an oldie but a goodie. IT IS A KELLOG 320 TV, SN c108223, HEAD 820K480, JUG320K41 …

kellogg model 361 
Cant find any info. Needs motor but dont know what size.

Info on a Kellogg model# 325tv compressor 
need any info i can get on a kellogg model# 325tv thanks

Kellogg 355l was shutting off and on 
my Kellogg 355l was shutting off and on till it finally hit the target pressure. I installed a new pressure switch and it did the very same thing. …

Kellogg Air Compressor 
Hi there, A friend of mine is looking to clear out her garage, and one of the major items taking up space is a very old-looking, though still functioning …

Kellogg model 42 air pump 
2 cylinder air pump no. 262

How do you get the valves out of the head 
How do you get the valves out of the head

low psi on my Kellogg air compressor  
Hi Bill, over the past few days my Kellogg compressor has dropped in pressure to the extent it will only build up to 20 lbs now. It runs all the time …

Kellogg American A320A pressure switch and settings? 
I have a very old but very original and good shape Kellogg American A320A that is in need of a pressure switch. The original switch is made by Penn Switch, …

Any info available for Kellogg EM-52 compressor pump 
Kellogg model EM-52/10599 Serial # D 26376 Kellogg Manufacturing Company Rochester NY Hi, can't find any info anywhere about this model. Need to get …

Very old Kellogg American A320A compressor 
I've had in my possession for about 3 1/2 years now a very old Kellogg American compressor. It was traded to me for mechanic work on a friends vehicle. …

Kellogg American 1970, pump model G201 XC, two cylinder single stage. (Bore 2-1/4, Stroke 2-1/4)  
I just finished restoring this pump and have mounted on its original 35 gal, max 165 psi tank. This air compressor didn't have a motor when I got it. …

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