Kellogg Air Compressor

by Dan
(Buffalo, NY)

Old upright Kellogg air compressor

Old upright Kellogg air compressor

Hi there,

A friend of mine is looking to clear out her garage, and one of the major items taking up space is a very old-looking, though still functioning (it was tested only a few months back) upright air compressor.

Neither of us know much about it, so I was hoping to find out a bit more information before we blindly slap a "for sale" sign on it.

Also, because we plan to sell it, I would at least like to provide an adequate and accurate description for potential buyers. I wouldn't know how to go about attributing a value for one of these machines, so any suggestions for that would be great.

I've attached a picture below, which shows the rust and dust that has accumulated throughout the years. The only identifiable information, at least from my vantage point, is the "Kellogg" logo. I believe I also see 1937, but wasn't sure if this was a model number or a date?

Any help or additional information on this compressor would be very much appreciated. If you'd like any more information from my end, I'd be happy to provide it.



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Sep 13, 2015
Tank Tag
by: Roger

Look for a metal tag attached to the tank, it will have the year of manufacture stamped into it.

Kelloggs are sought after by many people who appreciate older, well built machines, so you may be surprised what you can get for it. I'd put a price of $350 on it and see if you get any bites.

Lot's of guys on garage journal keep an eye out for vintage compressors for their shops.

Can't help on the model, I'd need to see the tag on the pump for that.

Sep 08, 2015
by: Doug in

Given the range of possible buyers, and that the motor is likely worth $100, (except as scrap), I'd be inclined to put a make offer sign on it and take anything $100 or more for it.

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