kargard air compressor just not building air pressure?

by Randy Lyons
(Greenfield indiana USA)

i have a 1962 3-phase 2-stage kargard air compressor that was working fine then all at once started knocking in the pump shut it down took it all apart and found one of the counter weights had came lose from the crank case repaired that put back together with new crank bearings and gaskets but now it will not biuld air presure. dont know for sure what to check because it sounds good but no air can any one help.

Hi Randy. I am happy to post this for you. I have no information myself on this compressor.

It would be good if you had included some photos, and then I could at least make a guess?

Do see the troubleshooting section on the site map for the pages about why compressors run and do no build pressure.

I hope someone has a Kargard compressor and can post a comment for you.



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