Kaeser SK20 Air pressure

by John tugwell
(Newport news va)

Have a kaeser sk20 with dryer, it has ran all moring with 0 pressure? The service and electric symbols are lit

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Aug 07, 2017
no pressure
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

You have a sigma controller as below, yes?

Index: BUB 07

(or similar)

In section 4.3.3, are you saying the maintenance warning and power lights are on? 15 and 19?
No load or idle 17 or 18?

If you have this controller, please clarify which lights/indicators are on.


Aug 06, 2017
by: Carl

A few things to check,
When you press start, can you hear it changing from Star to Delta within around 5-10 seconds? If not then your timer may need replacing or checking.

Do you have power to your load solenoid? (It's on the inlet valve) If you have power to it but it's not activating then the solenoid will need replacing.

You say you have no pressure? Is that on the screen on the Sigma controller, on your tank pressure gauge, and no pressure coming out of your air tools etc?

I'm guessing you have a Sigma Basic controller? The service light may just mean it needs a service, do you have a letter or number on the bottom of the screen? If you have an "S" then it's due a service. If any other letter or number then what is it?

Hope this helps but let us know the outcome whatever please


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