shutting down - overheating

kaeser air compressor overheating shutting off ,is there a specific volume of air that needs to inlet and exhaust.

Its installed in a closed room.

Bill says...

There are a number of reasons why an air compressor will overheat.

I suppose it could be the shortage of intake air making the compressor work too hard, or lack of air circulation not allowing natural compressor cooling to take place. Try running the compressor with the compressor room door open to see if it makes any difference.

It is more likely that it is compressor related, and I would be looking into the air end as a possible heat source.

You don't provide any details of your air compressor (model / HP) so I cannot even check for technical documents about your problem.

Other visitors will comment on this I hope, but I expect that you probably will need assistance from Kaeser to help you, wherever you are in the world.



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Aug 04, 2017
This thread is now closed
by: Bill

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Aug 04, 2017
This thread is now closed
by: Bill

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Aug 04, 2017
Temperature error ADT dT/dt (Thread Closed)
by: Anonymous

Kaeser CSD102, error ADT dT/dt, 10 seconds ( Thanks for your comment, though it seems to be about a different compressor than the original post. Please start a new post in this same forum and we will try to get you some answers about fixing your specific compressor problem. Thanks. - Moderator )

Jun 22, 2017
Shutting down -overheating (Thread is now closed)
by: Smish

I have a kaeser sm12

It keeps shutting down due to overheating

It's in a in closed area but I have 2 fans one blow cold air into the room and one sucks hot air out of the room

My suspicion is thermostat but I'll like to hear other opinions or suggestion to what else it could be or to define my problems

Oct 18, 2016
Kaeser compressor sm11 cutting out (This thread is closed)
by: Anonymous

My work had this air compressor probably a couple of years but recently started cutting out a lot. What is the problem?

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Oct 18, 2016
compressor problem
by: alexander

sir i am using bsd 81t keaser compressor..but it suddenly shut down with refrigiration drayer alaram... pls tell me the solution for start...

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Sep 16, 2016
Compressor dsd 200 overheating
by: ReyLL

I have a air compressor DSD 200. I have the cooler clean and the PT100 in good state, but my compressor work to 100C of temperatura. The fan star your work to 95C de temperatura, this is good. Help.

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Sep 01, 2016
kaeser overheating problem
by: Hope

change oil,oil filter and oil seperator.

May 18, 2016
by: Maxwell S. Jamespero

My Kaeser SK24 air compressor starts overheating abnormally please what is the possible cause.

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Aug 05, 2015
by: Andy

What other info will you need off our BSD 60 to help trouble shoot. The room has all the fresh air it can get , two 5x8 doors are open and there is a fan charging the space with fresh air. The system works ok when I bypass the desicant dryer , once I put the dryer in the loop the temp rises and the units have a hard time meeting idle pressure, builds to 144psi and continues to build heat until it shuts down. Idle pressure is set for 145 psi.

May 11, 2015
BDS 60 overheating problem
by: City Recycling

We have 2- BSD 60 compressors with a desicant dryer system. Our room is well ventilated radiators are blown clean daily. Just serviced and we are still having an overheating problem, the continues to rise little by little until it shuts down and the secondary compressor kicks in and that does the same..Where should I be looking to solve this overheating issue.

Nov 10, 2014
Shutting down accidental ground
by: Mike

Kaeser series DSD-shutting down after a few cycles due to accidental ground issue. What do we look for?

Oct 18, 2012
dirty cooler or bad thermostat valve
by: Anonymous

first: check if the cooler is dirty. If it's tidy, run the compressor, the temperature should raise to about 80-85 degrees celsius before the thermostat opens. Hold your hand on the cooler and you should feel it upheat distinctly as the thermostat valve opens, the temperature should decrease to about 70-80 degrees celsius.
If the temperature doesnt decrease, and the cooler's not getting destinctly heated, my guess is that you need to swap thermostat, kaeser original number should be 7.2013.0. But first of all, do as Bill said, check your ventilation. /kaeser mechanic in scandinavia.

Aug 31, 2012
More info
by: Carls421

I would be happy to help, but like Bill says, you would need to supply more details, there are hundreds of different types of Kaesar compressors out there, I do have lots of manuals here as I used to work for a Kaesar distributor (They are mainly Screw manuals) but nevertheless. More info would be good
Thanks for the kind offer. Let's hope the original poster provides more info for us both.


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Code 5 - Kaeser air compressor shutting down?


Brian, I don't have the compressor or the manual. I would expect that the manual would identify the remedial action for any maintenance code.

Anyone else know what Code 5 for a Kaeser is and how to correct the compressor fault?

Consider emailing them directly:

Cheers and I hope someone with this Kaeser air compressor will comment here for you.


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Oct 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

the brass bolt mentioned before, on the heat gas bypass valve, should be turned clockwise to warm up the dryer, not counter-clockwise as i wrote before.
/kaeser mechanic in scandinavia

Oct 18, 2012
code 5
by: Anonymous

Check the gauge for the refrigeration dryer, it should be on the green. If it's on blue, it is frozen and if its on the red it's too hot. Check if there is a high internal pressure switch thingy in the dryer, it's a little black thing with a blue reset button on it.

If its running blue on the gauge, you have to adjust the heat gas bypass valve, a square-shaped brass thing with a big bolt and a nut on it. Loosen the nut and screw the bolt counter-clockwise (not too much, about 1/4 turn at a time).

If the dryer seems OK, check your wiring diagram, i think the same wire that shuts down the dryer passes through the emergency stop putton for example. I've replaced the switches on the back of the button on two different compressors that gave code 5 alarm. /Kaeser mechanic in scandinavia


Jul 27, 2012
Sigma Controller?
by: Carls421

I am guessing you have the Sigma controller Basic?

Code 5 is indeed a problem with the Refrigeration dryer, you need to (if you havn't already)

Clean the refrigerant condenser.
Ensure adequate ventilation.
Install an extractor.
Clean the cooler.

Or if you have already done/checked these, then it seems like you may have a problem with the switch itself. Try replacing the switch. I am guessing you have a manual for the Sigma Controller? If not then send me your email address and I can send one to you on PDF

Hope that helps

Carl, thank you for your input.


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Model SM11 Running hot and shutting down.

by Fletch
(W. Henrietta, N.Y.)

Oil, oil filter, separator and filters are all new.

Compressor even runs warm when not loaded. Room temperature is in the low 70's.

Cooler completely clean and doesn't seem to be throwing off much heat. Maybe temperature sensor
is bad?

Bill says....

If it is actually running hot and shutting down, could be the air end bearings... or maybe a gazillion other things, Fletch.

Or, as you say, it could be the sensor if the compressor itself isn't actually running hot.

I can't tell from here?? :-)



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May 12, 2017
Adt fault temp. High
by: Anonymous

Adt fault why ( Sorry, this comment is off topic. We would like to answer your question , yet it needs to be in the correct forum. If in doubt as to where your question goes, simply start a new post in the ASK forum, and we'll move your question to where it needs to be. You will be notified by the system where your question and answer can be found. Than we can try to get you some answers about your compressor problem. Thanks. - Moderator )

Jul 15, 2015
BSD 81
by: Gautam

kaesar compressor became hot after 10 minute.

its giving ADT fault 0008A and 0015A.

its temp riseup to 110 deg cel AND SHUT DOWN FRQUENTLY

what can i do....

Nov 17, 2011
Model SM11 running hot
by: Fletch

It turns out it was the temperature sensor wire connection was bad. Soldered the connection up and
running in the low 80's C.

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