Jun-air model 4 motor re-wind

by Mark
(Manchester U.K)

Jun-air model 4

Jun-air model 4

Jun-air model 4
Jun-air model 4 info label

I have the opportunity to purchase a Jun-air model 4,at what I think is a reasonable price,however it has one problem that I know of , the motor according to the seller needs to be re-wound,as he says it burnt out ! Now a two part Question if I may, 1) How much would it cost for a rewind and also would that burnout have caused any more damage/what could have caused the burnout? many thanks for reading, p.s I'm a modeller of plastic kits, and need to use a quiet comp, as I use it in the living room ,due to not having a spare room/shed to work in .also on a very limited budget

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Dec 29, 2016
re-Jun Air rewind
by: Anonymous

many thanks for the comments, however I've chosen not to buy it, but convert my little AS18 by adding an AS189 tank that is sold to replace the tanks on that compressor, as mainly the cost is a lot more reasonable,many thanks, if more problems arise I'll certainly be back, great site,good advice cheers and Happy New Year to one and all

Dec 23, 2016
compressor advice
by: philip..

Why not drop an old freezer motor onto it?

There are plenty of videos on you tube to do the conversion and you would be able to pick a old fridge motor for nothing. Just remember to drain the refrigerant out and replace it with compressor oil.

I had the same problem i bought one really cheap seized up. Mine is a model 3 1978.

Anyway un-seized it just checking all the electrics. i might have to go down the same route as yourself. Anyway, its a cheap alternative i think a rewind might run into hundreds of pounds regards philip i hope you get it sorted ....

Dec 20, 2016
motor re-wind?
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Looks like that's a discontinued model.

If there's a motor shop nearby, you could ask them about the rewind.

And if you haven't already, check with Jun-air to see if perhaps a model 3 or six motor could be made to work. Not likely, but worth a shot.

Generally, though, I'm afraid you'll wind up with an air tank if you buy this unit.

Good luck.

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