Jun Air Compressor Question ~ clean the thank and change parts

by Walter

I want do a maitenanca in my JUn Air compressor the model 50 I need clean the thank and change parts , it is working but I want repair all syten , but like a new, where is the store more closed from NY city thanks


Bill answers...

Hi Walter, nice to hear from you.

If you want lots of generic information about working on your Home Compressor, you can get it here: The Home Compressor.

If you want to talk to the Jun-Air folks (they are a great, very very quiet compressor, if a bit "chunky" in price for the DIY crowd, here's the info:

2550 Meadowbrook Road Benton Harbor - MI, 49022 United States (USA)
United States (USA)
Phone: +1 847 215 9444
Telefax: +1 847 215 9449
Internet: www.jun-air.com



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Jan 27, 2011
want to service my Jun Air compressor
by: Edwin Ling [email protected]

purchased in 1983 model 62643 bar .8. The compressor was use in home. I used it last time three years ago. starts up and presures up but the pressure release valve activate at 90lbs.

I'm located in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

the unit is in very good condition.

thank you Edwin

Bill says...

Hello Edwin.

When you say you want to service your Jun-Air, you want to take it in and have a refurbish, or you just want to replace the PRV?

In any case, what I would do first of all is to manually pull and push closed the PRV a few times. Then drain the tank below the cut in pressure so the compressor starts, and see if the PRV goes off again before cut out. If it does, time for a new one.

You can purchases PRV's from any industrial compressor supplier I suspect. Find a local distributor, drain your tank, remove the PRV, and take it with you when you try to buy another, to make sure the threads fit.

If you want to get full service or to buy parts, contact:

Wainbee (Headquarters)
5789 Coopers Avenue Mississauga Ontario L4Z 4P7 Canada
Phone: 1-888-WAINBEE (924-6233) / (905) 568-1700
Telefax: +1 905 568-0083
Internet: www.wainbee.com
E-mail: [email protected]



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My Jun Air Compressor model 300 continuously runs.

by Ed Campos
(Kapolei, Hawaii)

What could be the cause of it continuously running? I let the tank fill to approximately 75 lbs then I turn the compressor off to check for leaks. I cannot hear any air leaks at any hose connections or anywhere on the tank. Pressure builds and at a pre-determined point, the safety valve kicks in and the motor continues to run.

Bill answers...

Hello Ed. Wish I was in Hawaii right now. I'm looking out my office window and seeing the ground covered in a new blanket of snow, and more gently falling. A real picturesque Christmas scene...just not one that I relish in April.

To your problem.

Your compressor runs past the cut-out pressure setting, continuing to pressurize the tank to a higher and higher pressure until the pressure relief valve blows...right?

What shuts the compressor off? When the tank is filled to the cut-out pressure, the pressure switch senses that pressure, trips to cut off the electrical power supply to the motor, and at the same time opens the unloader valve to dump pressurized air over the cylinder piston.

If your compressor ran continuously and never got past a certain pressure point, and never reached the cut-out pressure setting, then it would point to either a motor problem, or a mechanical problem in the compressor head.

In your case, the compressor compresses air fine, it just won't stop.

Your pressure switch is the likely the culprit. Get it changed fast! You don't want to use a compressor that won't shut off. If your PRV failed, you would have a real problem.



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