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My Jun Air 6 X 25 stopped working.

by Throstur Vidisson
(Reykjavik Iceland)

My 1987 Jun Air 6 X 25 does not work any more. The symptoms are as follows.

At some point I got smoke that seemed to originate in, or close to the Terminal Box. The Terminal Box houses the Starting Relay and some small device that I think is a Motor Protection device.

After this the compressor seems to try to start, it ticks once or twice when I power it up, but can´t quite make it.

New Jun Air Model 6-25 air compressor
New Jun Air Model 6-25 air compressor

I have considerable experience in dealing with mechanical and electrical repair but it seems to be difficult to find support for repairing Jun Air on the Internet.

What I have done so far is that I measured the big capacitor with a capacitor meter and it is within specs.

I took the Terminal Box apart and could not see anything wrong, nothing burned or loose and no bad smell anywhere. and took off the top of the motor and it is full of clean oil and the crankshaft is turning freely.

The problem is that I don´t know how the Starting Relay should test/measure and if the small device that I think is a Motor Protection device is possible to test.

So I´m a bit stuck here and all tips and help would be greatly appreciated.