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Jobsmart Tractor Supply (TSC) air compressors are sold by Tractor Supply locations across North America. Like many of the big box stores, Tractor Supply is a big enough distributor of tools and goods.

Tractor Supply is also big enough and sells enough product to warrant having products like air compressors built and private branded for them.

Similar to many of the big box stores as well, spare repair parts for the Jobsmart compressor line are in short - or really - no supply at least from Tractor Supply.

Their knowledge about air compressors in general is also sparse, though my experience is that folks working at the TSC stores may have a bit more working knowledge of air compressors than many of the store personnel at other larger, big box, compressor outlets.

If you have a service issue with your Jobsmart air compressor, the logical first step is to contact them. They have a contact page on their site for service questions. In order for them to help solve your Jobsmart compressor problem ensure that you have all the information about your air compressor available to fill in the on line form. At present you see that form by scrolling to the bottom of their website home page (, and clicking the Contact link under the SERVICE category.

Jobsmart Tractor Supply Air Compressor

Next, appeal to the other users of Jobsmart compressors for help on this forum page.

Are you an owner of a Jobsmart Tractor Supply air compressor? Do you have something good to say about your air compressor or, maybe, something negative to say about it? Have you noticed anything about your Jobsmart air compressor that would be useful for other owners of this air compressor to know?

You are presently on the forum page for the Jobsmart Tractor Supply air compressor. Here you can read questions and answers about other Jobsmart air compressor owners, learn about others experiences, maybe find some tips for using your air compressor. It is also where you can help another Jobsmart air compressor user if you are so inclined.

For air compressor problems and solutions please first always check the troubleshooting section on the sitemap for answers to compressor problems common to many brands, then the other questions and answers about Jobsmart Tractor Supply air compressors that are found below the form. No answer to your compressor problem? Then post your question using this form, but only about Jobsmart compressors please.

Here are the Jobsmart manuals that kind folks have emailed to me for posting on this site. Feel free to download them for your use. Don't forget to save them to your computer.

  1. Jobsmart Tractor Supply Model TA2040

Thanks for helping.


Jobsmart - Tractor Supply Forum

Having an issue with your Jobsmart - Tractor Supply air compressor? Here is where you can ask a question about it.

Please note that I work on responses to information and technical requests daily so please allow up to 24 hours for a response. Thanks. Bill

Other visitor's issues with Jobsmart - Tractor Supply Air Compressors

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Jobsmart air compresor flow issue 
Jobsmart air compressor motor runs but no air is entering.

Complaint about TA2040 and Tractor Supply 
I purchased a TA2040 from tractor Supply Store 605 Ticket #220439 on 8/30/18. The compressor worked fine the first few times I used it. Now it will …

Jobsmart TA 2040 pressure regulator unit blew apart? 
The pressure regulator unit blew apart due to hollow casting shearing while fortunately unattended.

Jobsmart compressor only build to 60 lbs psi 
my job smart compressor will not build more than 60 lbs of presser .no leaks runs good up to 60 lbs . holds 60 lbs when off ???

Need pressure regulator for TA2040 
regulator is broken.

Job smart 26 gal TA -25100 VB springsteel breaks top of piston 
I purchased my job smart air compressor about 2yrs ago . At first I thought ,then finally thing was just breaking in. I did not use it a whole lot …

Using the right oil for the pump in my oil compressor. 
Is Husky full synthetic non-detergent air compressor oil ok to use in my Jobsmart air compressor model 740372? It is a small 2 gallon air compressor.

Compressor will not build pressure... 
My compressor will not build pressure above 25 Lbs.

TA2040 drains all air on shut off? 
Jobsmart model TA2040. Compressor shuts off, drains all air from the valve that has a needle on the end, under the pressure switch. What is that part called …

TA 2040 -3 yrs old - locked up! 
Short verison, used couple weeks ago when outside air temp was in low teens but garage in upper 30's. Wheeled it outside but didn't notice it was …

Need replacement oil cap Jobsmart model 740372 
I have a jobsmart 2 gallon air compressor, the model number is 740372. The rubber black knob that screws into the oil compartment got wore out and broke. …

TA-25100VB pressure will not build past 50 psi 
TA-25100VB will not build pressure past 50 PSI. The motor changes sounds. No leaks.

air filter for a ta-25100vb? 
I bought a compressor and the filter wasn't in the box. I need a air filter for a ta-25100vb compressor. The Part number seems to read 41.005 and ZG1/2. …

Ta-2040 Review 
Good compressor for the small jobs. Easy to move around. Would be nice if it had a longer handle. The factory air filter assembly is not very good so I …

TAW-1516P fuse? 
What fuse does a TAW-1516P 4 gal pancake compressor use?

No pressure build up. 
Air compressor will not create pressure. motor running but not enough pressure to inflate a small tire No pressure build up. not enough to inflate small …

Air leak from inside switch cover box 
Air is leaking from inside the black box under the on/off switch. Can it be repaired. 10 gal 115 psi model. Model ZJ304SA. Are parts available?

Air Filter Element 
I need an air filter element for a TA-2040. Where can I find one?

ta-25100vb won't stay running  
Have a JobSmart ta-25100vb upright compressor. Compressor will only run for about a minute, builds pressure while running and then shuts off. …

Pj130 belt needed 
Looking for a belt. Pj130

Pressure switch for a job smart compressor? 
Need a pressure switch for a 10 gallon job smart compressor 125 psi.

Jobsmart pancake not enough pressure! 
I have the Jobsmart pancake oil free unit and it will not get above 20 on the gauge. Please advise!

Leak! Need parts manual for TA-25 100 VB. 
On my Job smart TA-25 100 VB the manifold with all the pressure gauges, etc has a leak! Need parts manual.

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TA25100VB runs and shuts off 
Jobsmart TSC air compressor Model TA25100VB - after a year and a month of pretty good service, when I turned it on, it would run for a couple seconds and …

Job Smart compressor intermittent motor 
I think I bought this at Tractor Supply 3 years ago. So maybe is the same as a Campbell Hausfeld? Sometimes the motor will run all the way to 120psi, …

Outlet tube for my 26 gallon Jobsmart 
I can not find parts for my 26 gallon! I need an outlet tube were can I order the replacement part?

26 gallon jobsmart air compressor wont shut off  
The air compressor will run but want shut off and the gauge never moves from zero what could be the problem

Valve plate is broken.  
The spring steel valve in the valve plate is broken in half.

Jobsmart froze up will not run 
Froze up will not run,changed oil 2months ago, seems to happen in cooler weather. Freezes up in cooler weather,changed oil 2 months ago,ran fine a week …

Who makes JobSmart air compressors? 
I have a JobSmart air compressor while fairly new it seems to build pressure quite rapidly and consistently. I am pleased with the size of this air …

Rubber tube keeps coming off safety valve on Jobsmart 
I have a 4 gallon oil-free compressor model TAW-1516P SN. 00122654 When I turn the compressor on and the pressure gets to 100 PSI, the rubber hose …

Reed valve broken 
one of the reed valves is broke where do I find a new one?

Need a cylinder cover gasket for my JobSmart 10 gallon compressor 
Need a cylinder cover gasket for my JobSmart 10 gallon, 3.5 air compressor. This compressor is no longer made. Any thoughts where I can get a gasket …

Jobsmart TA-25V100VB will not shut off 
My jobsmart 26 gallon compressor will built up to about 40 psi and no higher, and just run and never cut off. (Please see …

where is the water valve to drain the water for ta-2040 
I just want to know where the water release value is. I would like to know where I can get a owners manual

Job Smart TA25100VP will not start. 
Cut off and tripped the breaker. Plugged into a working outlet and it will not start. Help!

1027299 has intermittent shut down & turn on 
I got this Jobsmart for Christmas. Put the oil in it and is has sat in my shed until yesterday. Was just using it to blow off some grass. It kicked on …

Need owners manual for zj3040sa 
need owners manual for zj3040sa

I need to replace an exhaust hose with connectors.  
I need to replace the following part nos. (per the owners manual): 43.015 44.003 46.029

Jobsmart TA-25100VB need parts 
Hello, Cannot find out where I can get an oil tank breather fitting for my Jobsmart TA-25100VB. I have tried everything on the internet with no findings, …

Which way do the reed valves and plates face? 
I would like to know what way these face. My friend had same kind problem and it threw the rob out of the case. I noticed there is indents in the …

Pressure will not buildup 
I have a jobsmart 25 gal. Ta25/00vb. Pressure will not buildup,was told it needed a valve .cannot find a replacement valve

Jobsmart 1 1/2 hp kicks off randomly  
I have a jobsmart 1 1/2 hp 25 gallon compressor that kicks off at random pressures. It will restart if I flip the power switch off for ten minutes or …

Pressure will not build beyond 20 PSI 
I have a JobSmart┬« 3/4 HP, 4 Gallon Oil-Free Pancake Air Compressor Model number TAW 1516P that was given to me still in the box and apparently unused. …

no pressure build up 10 gal portable jobsmart 
10 gal portable jobsmart. Runs but no pressure. Someone worked onit and I think replaced a small part with a release valve instead. Still doesn't work. …

Low outlet pressure 
Gauges have no reading. No apparent leaks. Tank appears to be holding pressure because I can bleed off the pressure with the safety valve. I have drained …

job smart compressor only runs for a few minutes 
have replaces pressure switch as well as unloader valve when you start the compressor it starts fine sounds good no apparent bogging or straining issues, …

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Using paint sprayer with Model TA2040 
I have a house painting project and want to use a paint sprayer to apply latex based paint to the outside walls of my house. Any suggestions/recommendations …

JobSmart TA5100VB - "Unloader Valve"? 
Bill Not sure if the first submission went since pic would not load. neighbor and I were tightening up places on my air compressor. It …

ZJ3040SA compressor only runs for a few seconds 
model # ZJ3040SA will only run for a few seconds then shut down. The compressor will only run for a few seconds then shut down . I have to push the …

Help me trouble shoot my 2 gal Jobsmart please 
I have a 2 gallon Jobsmart air compressor. I recently Went to pump up a tire and found that the compressor Would not build above 50 psi... What is the …

' Parts for a Model TA-2040 
Model TA-2040 only had it 2 and1/2 years runs but wont build pressure where air goes into tank has a check valve the spring is broken also a small …

Compressor has no air build up 
My compressor runs, but air does not build up in the tank. The valve on the bottom of the tank is closed. what could be the problem?

Model 740372 job smart 1hp 2gal regulator problem 
I think its the regulator valve(knob) is striped. It will not tighten to let the air out to the exit hose... I need a replacement... If I get the (knob) …

Jobsmart compressor will not shut off at desired pressure 
compressor will not shut off at desired pressure. Relief valve pops. _____________ Well then, have a look at the pressure switch to ensure it's working. …

Where is the knob to let in the air and then expel the air when finished? 
Oon the 4 gallon compressor where is the knob to let in the air and then expel the air when finished? which attachment will connect the air hose? my …

Jobsmart 26 gal. TA-25100VB shuts off after 20-25 lbs 
Shuts off after 20-25 lbs. then have to turn switch off for 5-10 min and then restart, will pump about another 20-25 lbs and stop. Will not restart unless …

I need new gaskets air coming out of air intake 
I took my JobSmart air compressor apart today because it can only get up to 50 psi. I have to assume the input reed valve was not closing all the way. …

Need Owners manual for a TA-25100VB 
Hello I need an owners manual for a JobSmart Air Compressor, TA-25100VB. ANy Ideas?

Replacement operating manual for 10 HP jobsmart compressor 
Where can I download a copy of the operating manual for the 10 gal JobSmart (sold at Tractor Supply Co.) compressor? ________________________ If you …

26 gallon Jobsmart only builds to 25 PSI 
Compressor only builds up 25 to 40 psi and it cuts off. Will not start up until you release the air in it. Sometimes it will start if tapped lightly. …

Jobsmart air compressor will not start below 40 degrees 
Oil supplied with compressor started to get thicker, especially when it got colder, oil not multi-viscocity. Compressor would not start the motor would …

jobsmart will not build any pressure at all 
10 gal. Horizontal runs great will not build any pressure at all I've checked lines fittings pop off valve and cannot find any leaks __________________ …

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