Jobsmart Compressor will
not Start Properly

The questioner has a problem with their Jobsmart air compressor not starting. Even if your smaller air compressor is not a Jobsmart, the response may be of help if you experience the same problem with your compressor.

"My Jobsmart air compressor will not start below 40 degrees. Oil supplied with the compressor started to get thicker, especially when it got colder, oil not multi-viscocity. Compressor would not start the motor would not turn it over. I replaced the oil and the problem was solved."

I responded power to an air compressor is sometimes barely enough to get the compressor going when all things are working properly. When it's cold where the compressor is, the oil tends to get thicker and a result the load on the motor increases and sometimes the air compressor, whether a Jobsmart or any other brand, will not start.

Good that changing the oil helped, though I'll bet when the temperature gets really cold again, the compressor will still have problems starting.

Changing to a lighter viscosity oil may help in the cold-starting area, but will that lighter oil work adequately to lubricate the compressor? Please see the troubleshooting page on this site about problems with cold starting air compressors for more information.

Jobsmart compressor will not start - Jobsmart-compressor-from-Tractor-Supply-Company

Another questioner asks my Jobsmart does not build up air pressure?

I responded; there is not a lot to go on here as you don't provide any compressor information or any worrisome symptoms.

The first check I always perform is to remove the intake filter and feel if air is being pulled into the intake port on the compressor pump. That also takes the intake filter as the cause of the Jobsmart air compressor problem out of the equation.

Since I have no idea as to the sequence of events on your compressor... does it build any air, any strange noise, what pressure it gets to before the pressure stops building and so on, all I can do now is tell you there are other things to check for. Please see the troubleshooting section on the sitemap page on this site for links to the pages about why air compressors run and don't build air pressure for tips on how to fix this.

Another visitor says I have an issue with Jobsmart - Tractor Supply compressor intake reed. After about six months of interment use it broke a intake reed value($2.00 each + s/h) . I called tractor supply and they emailed me a manual.

Would you like a copy of this manual for the site? (Dan's manual is now live on the Jobsmart page for anyone to download if they need it)

PS the reed values are very easy to change in this unit. Just have to make sure they are orientated the correct way.