Jobsmart 26 gal. TA-25100VB shuts off after 20-25 lbs

by Bob
(Coker, Al)

TA-25100VB air compressor

TA-25100VB air compressor

Shuts off after 20-25 lbs. then have to turn switch off for 5-10 min and then restart, will pump about another 20-25 lbs and stop. Will not restart unless switch is turned off for 5-10 min. can eventually get to about 125. Motor not getting overly hot. Replaced pressure valve but same problem.

If you say you replaced the pressure switch and the problem persists, that's odd, as I would have expected that to be the issue, when the compressor motor doesn't appear to get hot.

However, that you have to wait before turning it back on tells me that the thermal cut out switch is either reading a too hot motor or the thermal cut out switch itself is failing.

Assuming you have a good power supply with no extension cord or power bar and no other appliances pulling power from the same circuit, and at least a 20 amp breaker, then I'd go with getting the motor checked, along with its thermal cut out.


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