Jobsmart 1 1/2 hp kicks off randomly

by Jeremy

I have a jobsmart 1 1/2 hp 25 gallon compressor that kicks off at random pressures. It will restart if I flip the power switch off for ten minutes or so and go for a little while before it kicks off again at another random pressure. Eventually it cuts out at the max pressure after turning off and on multiple times. I've replaced the pressure switch and I'm still experiencing the same issue. :-/

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Sep 10, 2015
Jobsmart compressor motor
by: Bill

OK, you've determined that the motor is not overheating.

You've replaced the cap which leaves out the possibility of a wire being loose and letting go mid-cycle.

Your power supply is good.

The motor cuts out randomly, not relating to a heat issue.

For me, that points at the motor itself. Maybe a centrifugal switch on the motor is tripping on or off, maybe there's a wire loose inside the motor, maybe there is a winding issue where as the motor warms up, it opens a gap that cuts power.

It were mine, I'd be taking the motor to an electric motor rebuild shop for thorough testing.

Sep 09, 2015
by: Anonymous

The motor is still cool when this happens. It'll act the same when I first fire it up as when it has been running (off and on of course)

Sep 08, 2015
Not the cap
by: Bill

Good that it's not the cap, but not good, as it may signal that it's the motor itself that's the problem.

When it kicks off before reaching the cut out, is the motor hotter than normal?

Sep 08, 2015
tested capacitor
by: jeremy

The capacitor start/run capacitor on the jobsmart 25100vb tested out fine, but I went ahead and replaced it anyway. The compressor is still doing the same this... I have it plugged straight into a 20v outlet.

Aug 28, 2015
jobsmart 1 1/2 hp shutting down
by: Bill

If the compressor is shutting down, and you have to wait a while before starting it, it's typically not the pressure switch that is the problem, Jeremy.

Assuming you aren't using an extension cord, a power bar, and your breaker supplying the compressor circuit is 20 amps, then, I suspect you'll find a motor problem. I lean towards a run capacitor failing if your motor has two, or a start/run cap if it has only one.

As a next check, see the page on this site about checking capacitors.

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