Jobsite pressure won't go past 50psi never shuts off

by Ron Hathaway
(ochlocknee Ga.)

Pressure won't build past 50psi

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Jun 05, 2017
Jobsmart broken valve plate
by: Bill

I hope someone can post a source for you, but that may not happen. Your only choice may be:

Jun 04, 2017
Compressor wont build pressure
by: Brent K

my jobsmart 10 gallon compressor valve plate broke and wont let air into tank. Is there anywhere i can get one sears direct says they are no longer available. any help would be greatly appreciated

May 28, 2017
Round breather
by: Bill

Which would suggest that the element inside this intake filter was plugged.

Good that you found the problem. Don't go too long without putting a filter back in the intake though.

May 27, 2017
Pressure issue on mine
by: Anonymous

Air compressor was running good and then sound changed.. would only go to 50psi.

Round breather up near the top with the 3 round holes on the sides..Yep I removed it and it runs fine now 👍

Mar 17, 2017
It's already covered
by: Bill

Ron, this issue is covered on the troubleshooting pages on this site.

Please have a look and read, and if you still need compressor help, add a comment here.

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