job smart compressor only runs for a few minutes

by Darrell Vess
(virginia, united states)

have replaces pressure switch as well as unloader valve when you start the compressor it starts fine sounds good no apparent bogging or straining issues, however the compressor will only run for a minute then just shut out

it wont unload pressure without manually shutting the switch off to unload valve.

you give it a few minutes. start back up, same issue over and over. I'm stumped on it

You can continue to do it all the to the rated max
pressure of125psi.

any info would be appreciated much.


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Jun 13, 2015
job smart compressor runs for a few minutes
by: Bill

Good day, Darrell.

Are you using an extension cord?

When you say the compressor won't unload, since it's only running for a few minutes, it won't unload until the tank pressure reaches the normal cut out pressure level. Are you saying that the compressor won't unload after the tank pressure bypasses the cut out?

See the troubleshooting section for pages that apply to this compressor problem too, if you would.

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