Jacuzzi Brothers V-twin

by Graham Shea
(San Marcos, TX, USA)

Jacuzzi Brothers V-twin valve parts

Jacuzzi Brothers V-twin valve parts

Jacuzzi Brothers V-twin valve parts
Jacuzzi Brothers V-twin valve parts

I have a Jacuzzi Bros. V-Twin compressor.

Up until now, it has run fine. The springs in the cylinder head relief valves (not sure exactly what to call these screw in valves, which have an air line running to them from the unloader valve) are broken, one also having the pin that projects to touch the top of the intake reed is loose.

As the compressor pressurizes the tank, the relief valve makes a banging racket, but quiets if I open the unloader valve.

Can I get new springs?

Are there equivalent relief valves for the top of the cylinder heads - used parts bins or a compatible calibrated RV?

Here's the label on the side of the crankcase:
Fig. No.: 9503-0417/C
Unit No.: SSE 5399
Jacuzzi Bros., Richmond, CA, St. Louis, MO

Thank you!

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Feb 02, 2019
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

Have you tried Jacuzzi.com? They don't show a lot on the site, but they may be some help with parts.

Otherwise, you could try measuring the spring and try looking for something similar.

Finally, from a Chicago Tribune article, another clue:
"Jacuzzi, 40, whose grandfather and uncles founded the company, is president of the Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath division of Walter Kidde & Co. He is the only family member who remains with the firm, sold to the Kidde firm in 1979 for $70 million."

So you might try them, if you haven't.

Good luck.

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