Iwata Power Jet - Buils pressure, but very slowly

by Denise Stephenson
(Newcastle, NSW, Australia)

I have an Iwata Power Jet plus, a mini compressor where the tank is the handle. When I use it for airbrushing, it gets up to its max pressure that i set, 40PSI, but when airbrushing, it drops down to zero quickly, and can hear it working to build air, but it cant catch up to air use...ie to airbrush i get a few strokes down, then have to wait a min or so to build up again so on and so on...i hope it is an easy to remedy problem???

Thank you
Probably not easy to fix, sorry Denise.

Tell me, when it originally builds up to the 40 PSI, is it taking longer than it used to? I suspect so. That suggests to me that you may have a valve issue, possibly a gasket (but not sure, as I've never taken an Iwata apart), maybe a failing motor, I can't be sure from here.



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